Protect your investment, your valuables and your wallet.

Protect Your Home

AquaTrip detects even small leaks as they appear, so you can never be caught out by an unexpected excess water bill.

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Protect Your Investment

AquaTrip controls facilities automatically and remotely, until you can schedule normal maintenance.

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Protect Your Environment

By detecting leaks as they occur, you are eliminating water waste and helping your community.

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Eliminate water waste,
get AquaTrip.


of all Insurance claims in 2013 were for water damage, that is 1 in every 4.


Americans experienced a water leak every day on average during 2013.


of homes lose more than 350 litres of water every day to leaks


more likely to damage your home than fire or theft.

Find a water management solution for your investment.


Detect leaks as they occur and eliminate water waste.


request a demo.

AquaTrip will minimize water damage to your home and valuables, prevent excess water bills, and conserve our precious water resources.

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